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Selected Publications








Peer-Reviewed Papers

  • Demjén, Z., Marszalek, A., Semino, E., and Varese, F. (2019) Metaphor framing and distress in lived-experience accounts of voice-hearing. Psychosis. 11(1), 16-27  Open Access PDF

  • Hendricks, R.K., Demjén, Z., Semino, E., and Boroditsky. L. (2018) Emotional implications of metaphor: Consequences of metaphor framing for mindset about cancer. Metaphor & Symbol, 33:4, 267-279. Open Access PDF

  • Semino, E., Demjén, Z., and Demmen, J. (2018) An integrated approach to metaphor and framing in cognition, discourse and practice, with an application to metaphors for cancer. Applied Linguistics. 39(5), 625–645 Open Access PDF

  • Demjén, Z. (2018) Complexity theory and conversational humour: Tracing the birth and decline of a running joke in an online cancer support community. Journal of Pragmatics. 133, 93–104. Open Access PDF

  • Semino, E., Demjén, Z., Demmen, J., Koller, V., Payne, S., Hardie, A., and Rayson, P.  (2017) The online use of ‘Violence’ and ‘Journey’ metaphors by cancer patients, as compared with health professionals: a mixed methods study. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care. 7, 60-66. Open Access PDF

  • Demjén, Z. (2016) Laughing at Cancer: Humour, empowerment, solidarity and coping online. Journal of Pragmatics. 101, 18-30. Open Access PDF

  • Demjén, Z. and Semino, E. and Koller, V. (2016) Metaphors for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ deaths: A health professional view. Metaphor and the Social World. 6(1), 1-19. Open Access PDF.

  • Demmen, J., Semino, E., Demjén, Z., Koller, V., Hardie, A., Rayson, P., and Payne, S. (2015) A computer-assisted study of the use of Violence metaphors for cancer and end of life by patients, family carers and health professionals. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. 20(2), 205-231 Open Access PDF

  • Demjén, Z. and Semino, E. (2015) Henry’s voices: The representation of auditory verbal hallucinations in an autobiographical narrative. BMJ Medical Humanities. 41(1), pp.57-62.

  • Demjén, Z. (2014) "Drowning in negativism, self-hate, doubt, madness": Linguistic Insights into Sylvia Plath’s Experience of Depression. Communication & Medicine. 11(1), pp.41-54.

  • Semino, E., Demjén, Z., and Koller, V. (2014) ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ deaths: Narratives and professional identities in interviews with hospice managers. Discourse Studies. 16(5), pp.667–685 Open Access PDF

  • Demjén, Z. (2011) Motion and Conflicted Self Metaphors in the Sylvia Plath’s Smith Journal. Metaphor and the Social World. 1(1), pp.7-25. PDF

  • Demjén, Z. (2011) The role of second person narration in representing mental states in Sylvia Plath’s Smith Journal. Journal of Literary Semantics. 40(1), pp.1-21. PDF




Edited Books


Book Chapters

  • Semino, E.  and Demjén, Z. (2017) The Cancer Card: metaphor and humour in online interactions about the experience of cancer. In Hampe, B. (ed) Metaphor: Embodied Cognition and Discourse. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press​, pp181-199.

  • Demjén, Z. and Hardaker, C. (2017) Metaphor, impoliteness, and offence in online communication. In Semino, E. and Demjén, Z. (eds.)  The Routledge Handbook of Metaphor and Language.  Abingdon: Routledge


  • Demjén, Z. and Semino, E. (2017) Introduction: Metaphor and Language. In Semino, E. and Demjén, Z. (eds.)  The Routledge Handbook of Metaphor and Language. pp1-10. Abingdon: Routledge


  • Demjén, Z. and Semino, E. (2017) Using Metaphor in Healthcare: Physical Health. In Semino, E. and Demjén, Z. (eds.)  The Routledge Handbook of Metaphor and Languagepp.385-399. Abingdon: Routledge

  • Demjén, Z. (2016) What is Linguistic Creativity? In Demjén, Z. and Seargeant, P.  Creativity in Language: from Everyday Style to Verbal Art. Open University

  • Demjén, Z. (2016) Narratives at Work. In Maybin, J. Narrative, Language and Creativity: contemporary approaches. Open University

​Blogs, Reviews and Short Pieces


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